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Angel's Trumpet / Brugmansia :

' Sunset ' Variegated

( also known as ' Maya ' )


  A very, vigorous, but diminutive plant that will bloom at relatively small size.

  Scent of 'Sunset' Variegated Brugmansia is typical brugmansia, but with an obviously "rose-like" smell. It is very, very nice.

  Good, clear variegation that shows good whites as well as creams. Unlike some variegated brugmansias ( and variegated plants in general ), 'Sunset' is a very strong, durable, and vigorous grower.


   A "handful" of Sunset brugmansia flowers and buds ... this picture shows the peach colors building on the oldest flower, on the left. Younger flower on right is creamy white. Notice the large pods just beginning to unfurl. This plant is about 3' tall, and growing in a 4 gallon pot. 


Same plant as described above ...

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