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Brugmansia / Angel's Trumpet Sales, Information, and Pictures

Index of Cultivars / Varieties Handled By Maranatha Nursery

These are information / picture pages on individual varieties.

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Audrey Hepburn Marrakesch
Butterfly Pink Miami Orange Glow
Charles Grimaldi Morgansonne
Cherry Slush
Cotton Candy Mrs. Chambers
Creamsicle Double Native Habitats Double Peach
Doosie  (double) Olympic Flame
Double White Painted Lady
Dreamsicle   (by Sue Surla) Peach
Dr. Seuss Pink 200
Ecuador Pink Pink 650
Frosty Pink Pink Beauty
Gold Traum Rosamond
Herrenhauser Garten  (double) Strawberries and Cream
Insignis Pink Sunray
Isabella Sunset Variegated
Jamaican Yellow Tropical Sunset
Jean Pasko Versicolor Peach
Kyle's Giant White Versicolor Pink
Little Venice White
LSU Special Xena
Yellow Candida
   Yellow / Golden
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